• Indian Police System. Need For Reforms

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Akash Rattan Singh Cheema LLM student of RGNUL, Patiala and belong from small village in Karpurthala district. Being a academician & carrying out interesting researches is his ultimate dream and objective.)


This work dealt with Historical overview, Structure,Administration, Functions of Indian Police in detail while addressing the areas where Indian police is lacking today and possible solutions to work over these dry patches. It attracts serious attention of academicians carrying research work on Indian police and laws related and clashing with it. Author have tried to give unified structure of Indian Police which is a state subject in Indian constitution, hence every state having different administration of the same. Suggestions have been given to address serious problems like corruption,lacking accountability, non-adherence to human rights, upgrading infrastructure according to present times and need of community policing in Indian police; giving whole new and fresh angle of study to problems which grew manifolds since inception of this institution which is backbone of law enforcement in every democratic country.

MATERIAS: History, Reforms, Indian Police, Fuctions, Indian Police Act, Coustodial tourture.