• Consumerism in Health Care - a Critique. A Critique of Consumerism in Healthcare with Reference to the Indian Consumer Law

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(Dr. Ashok Yende Ph.D. working as Principal of K. C. Law College, Mumbai (India) is an out-of-the-box thinker, has over 28 years of rich and extensive experience in administration & teaching in law. Worked as Director / Principal of leading law institutions, participated in national, international conferences and authored articles & books.)


Even a cursory glance at the legislative and judicial activities of the recent years, indicates that the protection of the consumer has been high on the list of government priorities. The patient is a consumer, a customer of health care services. One of the important aspects in the area of consumerism in medical profession is health care system. Therefore, the author has discussed ‘right to health’ from constitutional and human rights perspective. In particular, continuing poverty, inequities in health, and societal discrimination, illiteracy, ignorance of laws, breakdown of family and cultural values have degraded health system in developing countries in the world. The author has made an endeavor to analyse the concept of consumer, changing dimension of consumerism, concept of negligence, remedies and liabilities under various legislations in case of medical malpractice/ medical negligence, and comparative study of approach of courts in deciding medical malpractice cases, with particular reference to Indian consumer law.

MATERIA: Consumerism and Health Care