• Computer Programme- An Intellectual Property. With reference to Protection and Challenges before India

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(He is associated with the Department of Law, NEHU, Shillong, India as Assistant Professor. He did his Ph.D. & LL.M. from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, and LL.B. & P.G.D.C. from Lucknow University,India. He is recipient of Junior & Senior Research Fellowships by University Grants Commission of India and UGC Merit Scholarship at LL.M. as well.)


Computer programme is an outcome of human intellect. The main motivation for its protection is to encourage the creative activities and inventions. The role of computer software is sine qua non in the economic and technological development of a nation. In the absence of efficient law to protect intellectual property in computer programme, there will hardly be any creative activity or inventions and the economic and technological development of a nation will come to a halt. it is, therefore, inevitable to protect and promote intellectual property in computer programmes. Software Industry plays a key role in the development of Indian economic but the industry has shown a decline in its development in the last few years. This work is an attempt to analyze the protection available under IP Laws to computer software in India and the challenges as well.

MATERIAS: Patent, protection, copyright, Computer Software, India