• City of Joy: Migration And Education. A Study of the Effect of Migration on Education of Construction Workers’ Children (Saltlake , Kolkata,W.B. India

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(Born in the village- Rampur,P.O.- Mahuadanr ,Dist.- Latehar , Jharkhand ,India.I have done my schooling in Jharkhand, Collage Studies (B.Sc.) from N.B.U,B.A. in Philosophy from Pune, B.Ed. from Sikkim, M.Ed. from Burdwan University, M.Sc. from Annamalai University, M.A. in Education from IGNOU. Currently doing my research work from Visva-Bharati.)


Education is the staircase of the development of a Nation. It is since that a Nation cannot prosper properly if it is not educated. An educated nation carries consciousness that helps the country to develop properly. Therefore, every country should take step to make its people properly educated. Therefore, Education is an important factor for a stable nation and primary education is the base or root of it. A country tries to make it people educated. So every country have to take steps to give all it children education. However, it is often found that countries, mainly developing countries like India cannot achieve its goal together all children at the schools. To achieve this goal the countries take varieties of steps. For example: Mid-day meal is one of them. Meal or food is served among the students so that they can attend the school. There is no doubt that Primary and Secondary education is the most important stages of the total education system. Considering this point me, concerned authorities are taking care to build the base of man. In primary and secondary school students can learn read and write as well as the moral character is structured here.

MATERIAS: children, Migration, Education, Construction workers.