• Arbitration in India, England & Wales

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Advocate, LLM in International Commercial Law, University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom. B.A LLB (Hons.).)


This book lays out the basics of arbitration in India with a brief discussion of its history, the statutes that govern arbitration and the needs of arbitration in India. The book explores the problems and provides a series of recommendations for improving arbitration practice in India. The book briefly examines arbitration in England & Wales, and compares arbitration standards between India, and England & Wales. Finally, the book looks at how Indian arbitration can reach the same status as that of England & Wales, as International Arbitration. This book is an essential tool for law students, corporates, lawyers and also teaching faculties for understanding Arbitration in a better way. How should India seek to resolve the problem, which it has with arbitration law and practices so that it can achieve the same status as that of England and Wales as International Arbitration?

MATERIA: Arbitration Law