• Performance Evaluation of Mutual Funds

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This book intended to create an awareness in young Commerce and Financial Management Students especially students who deserves to become an expert finance manager in small and medium size organisations as well as independent auditors to support start up organisations. This will also highlight the usual gaps occurring during the financial year end. Mutual fund in America is basically the concept of Unit Trust of Britain. In U.S.A. mutual funds have come a long way since March 21, 1924 when the first fund, ‘Massachusetts Investment Trust’ was organised for the professors of Harvard University and offered shares to the public in 1926. But it was Sherman L Adams, the father of modern mutual fund, along with Charles Learoyd and Ashton Carr established a modest portfolio of 45 common stocks worth USD 50,000*. The crash of stock markets in 1929 led to the demise of many close-end funds. By 1930’s, 920 mutual funds were formed in U.S.A. and most of them were close end. In Canada, the Canadian Investment Fund was the first to be set up in 1932 followed by Commonwealth International Corporation Limited and Corporate Investors Limited.