• Industrial, Labour and General Laws

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The labour laws derive their origin, authority and strength from the provisions of the Constitution of India. The relevance of the dignity of human labour and the need for protecting and safeguarding the interest of labour as human beings has been enshrined. Labour law reforms are an ongoing and continuous process and the Government has been introducing new laws and amending the existing ones in response to the emerging needs of the workers in a constantly dynamic economic environment.The subject of General Laws is inherently complicated and is subjected to constant refinement through new primary legislations, rules and regulations. As the area of industrial, labour and general laws undergoes frequent changes, it becomes necessary for every student to constantly update himself with the various legislative changes made as well as judicial pronouncements rendered from time to time by referring to the Institute’s journal ‘Chartered Secretary’ as well as other law/ professional journals.In the light of above developments, book has been prepared to provide an understanding of certain industrial, labour and general legislations which have direct bearing on the functioning of companies.