The Report Of The Second Indian National Labour Commission-2002: - - An Overview

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The Report Of The Second Indian National Labour Commission-2002: - - An Overview


The first National Labour Commission 1929, had promised lot in the direction of social security, social welfare, wages, social insurance, industrial relations, industrial adjudication, collective bargaining etc,. In sequel to the recommendations made in the report of the first national commission on labour series of labour enactments were passed.

After the gap of almost 72 years the Second National Labour Commission has been constituted and submitted its report in the year 2002 to the Government of India. At the outset the terms of reference to the commission are as under:

To suggest rationalisation of existing laws relating to labour in the organised sector, and

To suggest an umbrella legislation for ensuring a minimum level of protection to the workers in the unorganised sector.

Before penning down the report, the Commission followed the following methodology:

arrange to consultation / conferences in the major cities of India to get the opinion of the Industry, public, educationalists and so on institutions';

circulated a questionnaire across the industry and the society in terms of the reference

surveys conducted both in organised and unorganised sector

The recommendations of the Commission consists of the chapters, namely - 1). The terms of the reference of the Commission 2).Introductory review, 3).Industrial Devel...

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