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Updated to March of 2010

Table of Contents

Drafts & Agreements

Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement

Appendix B - Warrant of arrest of witness.(O.16, r.20.)

Bail Bond under CRPC 1973 after arrest under warrant

Appendix A - Fraudulently procuring credit to be given to another person

Warrant of commitment in certain cases of contempt when a fine is imposed

Hardware Installation Agreement

Form of agreement between the employer and workman regarding compensation for injury caused to workman by accident

Appendix D - Decree for rectification of instrument

Warrant to enforce the payment of maintenance by attachment and sale

Magistrate's or Judge's warrant of commitment of witness refusing to answer or to produce document

Appendix E - Order for payment to the plaintiff, etc, of money etc, in the hands of a third party (O.21, r.56.)

Appendix A - On an award

Appendix H - Notice to minor defendant and guardian (O.32, r.3.)

Hardware Price And Payment Agreement

Appendix E - Notice to attaching creditor.(O.21, r.58.)

Hardware Delivery and Acceptance Agreement

Appendix E - Authority of the collector to stay public sale of land (Section 72)

Appendix D - Decree for recovery of land and mesne profits

Notice of commitment by magistrate to public prosecutor

Magistrate notice and premptory order

Agreement for Reference to Arbitration

Appendix E - Prohibitory order against payment of debts sold in execution to any other than the purchaser. (O.21, r.79.)

Appendix H - Notice to parties of the day fixed for examination of a witness about to leave the jurisdiction.(O.18, r.16.)

Appendix A - Probate of will in solemn form

Appendix A - General Defences

Appendix F - Appointment of a receiver.(O.40, r.1.)

Appendix E - Order on the Nazir for causing service of proclamation of sale - (O 21, r.66.)

Appendix E - Order of attachment of negotiable instrument (O.21, r.51.)

Appendix H - Notice of application for the transfer of a suit to another court for trial (Section 24)

Reseller Agreement

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