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Updated to March of 2010

Table of Contents

Drafts & Agreements

Appendix B - Summons to appear in person.(O.5, r.3.)

Appendix D - Premiliary decree for sale (Order XXXIV, rule 4) (Where accounts are directed to be taken.)

Software Licence Agreement

Software Modification Agreement

Appendix B - Warrant of committal (O.26, r.28.)

Formation Agreement to Convert a Partnership into a Limited Company

Appendix G - Notice to respondent of the day fixed for the hearing of the appeal (O 41, r.14.)

Appendix A - Injuries caused in negligent driving

Appendix A - Defence in administration suit by pecuniary legatee

Appendix A - Defence in suits for infringement of copyright

Agreement Between Master And Workman

Appendix E - Application for execution of decree (O, 21, r.11.)

Assignment of Copyright of Book Reserving Royalty

Hardware Lease Agreement

Warrant to levy a fine by attachment and sale

Appendix A - Administration by creditor on behalf of himself and all other creditors

Software Error Detection and Correction Agreement

Appendix E - Order for the release of a person imprisoned in execution of a decree (S. 58, 58)

BSE Listing Agreement - Part - II

Appendix E - Order sending decree for execution to another court (O.21, r.6.)

Software Development Agreement

Appendix A - Diverting a water course

Assignment of Decretal Claim

Complaints against Airlines

Summons to witness

Notice by Arbitrator

Agreement to Adopt the Preliminary Agreement

Deed of Assignment of Business Debts

Accident Case Only

Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement

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