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Think Legal, 2010
Updated to March of 2010

Table of Contents

Drafts & Agreements

NSE - Listing Agreement - Part-I

Consumer Complaint before the District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum

Complaint against Banking Services to District Forum

Warrant of commitment under sentence of death

Appendix F - Temporary injunctions (O.39, r.1.)

Warrant of execution of a sentence of death

Appendix E - Attachment-Prohibitory order, where the property consist of money or of any security in the custody of a court of justice or public officer(O 21, r.52)

Form of agreement for reference to two Arbitrators Form of agreement for reference to two Arbitrators

Form of Petition for Restitution of Conjugal Rights under s. 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955

Appendix E - Affidavit of assets to be made by a judgment-debtor (O. 21, R. 41(2))

Appendix A - Foreclosure or sale

Injunction to provide against imminent danger pending inquiry

Bond to prosecute or give evidence

Appendix E - Notice to person in possession of movable property sold in execution (O.21, r.79.)

Appendix E - Notice to state objections to draft of document (O.21, r.34.)

Appendix E - Attachment in execution-Prohibitory order, where the property consist of debts not secured by negotiable instruments(O.21, r.46.)

Arbitration Award

Assignment of Cinematograph Rights in a Play or Novel

Appendix D - Injunction restraining use of private road

Adoption Deed (Guardian)

Appendix D - Final decree in an administration suit by a legatee

Appendix A - Movables wrongfully detained

Appendix B - Summons for disposal of suit (O. 5, RR 1.5.)

Hardware Testing Agreement

Draft Scheme Of Arrangement For Demerger (Under Section 391 Read With Section 394 Of The Companies Act, 1956)

Proclamation requiring the attendance of a witness

Preliminary Agreement to Takeover Business

Declaration of Trust (Private)

Appendix E - Certificate of non-satisfaction of decree (O.21, r.6.)

Appendix D - Preliminary decree for redemption where on default of payment of mortgagor a decree for foreclosure is passed (Order XXXIV, rule 7) (Where accounts are directed to be taken.)

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