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Think Legal, 2010
Updated to March of 2010

Table of Contents

Drafts & Agreements

Bond and bail bond on a preliminary inquiry before a police officer

Memorandum of Association

Appendix F - Bond to be given by receiver.(O.40, r.3.)

Appendix D - Final decree for sale in a redemption suit on default of payment by mortgagor(Order XXXIV, rule 8.)

Assignment of Trademark

Appendix E - Notice to show cause why execution should not issue (O.21, r.16)

Adoption Deed (Parents)

Shrink Wrap Licence

Complaint before National Commission (Malfunctioning Computer)

Warrant of arrest

Notice To Arbitrator

Notice of commitment by magistrate to public prosecutor

Format of Civil Writ Petition in Supreme Court

Shareholders Agreement

Appendix A - For malicious prosecution

Appendix A - Use and occupation

Appendix E - Warrant of attachment of movable property in execution of decree for money (O.21, r.30.)

Appendix H - Agreement of parties as to issue to be tried.(O.14, r.6.)

Appendix E - Precept (Section 46.)

Warrant after commutation of a sentence

Agreement between Author and New Publisher

Appendix A - Services and materials at a reasonable cost

Articles of Association

Appendix D - Decree to set aside a transfer in fraud of creditors

Appendix D - Injunction against private Nuisance

Security Bond in Injunction Suit Requiring Defendant Not to Repeat Wrongful Act Complained

Licence to use Copyright

Consumer Complaint (for Defective Computer)

Separation agreement between husband and wife

Appendix D - Preliminary decree in an administration suit by a legatee, where an executor is held personally liable for the payment of legacies

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