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Updated to March of 2010

Table of Contents

Drafts & Agreements

Appendix A - Defence in suits on bonds

Building agreement between the owners and the contractor on fee plus cost of Labour and materials

Appendix E - Notice of attachment of a deree to the court which passed it (O.21, r.53.)

Warrant of imprisonment on failure to pay compensation

Compromise between the employer and workman for payment of compensation Under workmen's compensation act

Apology for Infringement of Copyright

Appendix A - Against surety for payment of rent

Agreement of License to use a Trade Mark

Appendix A - Money Lent

Agreement Between Joint Patentees

Appendix D - Preliminary decree for foreclosure or sale

Caveat Application

Appendix A - Wrongful dismissal

Consent given by Wife to Adopt

Appendix A - Obstructing a Highway

Notice To Arbitrator

Agreement for developing and hosting Website

Appendix D - Fine decree in an administration suit by next-of-kin

Notice of commitment by magistrate to public prosecutor

Petition for Maintenance and Expenses of Proceedings

Creating life estate for the maintenance of the Daughter – in- law by way of gift

Appendix E - Warrant to the bailiff to give possession of land, etc (O.21, r.35.)

Appendix A - Injunction against the division of a water - course

Affidavit for condonation of delay in filing an appeal


Warrant of commitment on failure to find security for good behaviour

Warrant after commutation of a sentence

Appendix F - Security for appearance of a defendant arrested before judgment (O 38, r.2.)

Deed of Assignment of Patent

Appendix E - Certificate to Judgment-Debtor authorising him to mortgage lease or sell property (O 21, r.83.)

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