Think Legal Forms

Think Legal, 2010
Updated to March of 2010

Table of Contents

Drafts & Agreements

Appendix A - Money Overpaid

Agreement Between Master And Workman

Appendix E - Application for execution of decree (O, 21, r.11.)

Application for Anticipatory Bail under section 438, Cr PC

Appendix A - Defence in administration suit by pecuniary legatee

Compromise between the employer and workman for payment of compensation Under workmen's compensation act

Appendix F - Appointment of a receiver.(O.40, r.1.)

Magistrate's order prohibiting the doing of anything on land on water

Agreement of Licence for Software Package (with support)

Plaint- Small Causes Court

Appendix B - Warrant of arrest of witness.(O.16, r.20.)

Hardware Rental Agreement

Appendix E - Notice of attachment of a deree to the court which passed it (O.21, r.53.)

Security Bond For Grant Of Succession Certificate(Section 375, Indian Succession Act)

Deed of Conveyance by the official Liquidator of a Limited Company

Apology for Infringement of Copyright

Appendix A - Against surety for payment of rent

Appendix B - Warrant of attachment of property of withness (O.16, r.10.)

Caveat Application

Applications for Deficiency of Service (for washing machine)

Declaration of Trust (Private)

Appendix B - Order for transmission of summons to be served on a public servant or soldier(O.5, Rr.27, 28.)

Appendix A - Injuries caused by negligence on a railroad

Hardware Delivery and Acceptance Agreement

Appendix D - Preliminary decree for foreclosure or sale

Appendix F - Temporary injunctions (O.39, r.1.)

Warrant of imprisonment on failure to pay maintenance

Appendix A - Obstructing a Highway

Shrink Wrap Licence

Appendix D - Injunction against private Nuisance

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