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Intellectual Property

'Can The Issues In A Given Case Where There Is Possibility Of Appeal Be Dealt With Separately? Madras High Court Replies In The Negative'

Trade Dress Compared In Pharma Trademark Dispute.

Test Of the Eye: Cigarette Packets Under The Scanner

Injunction For Use Of 'Giani' Granted By The Delhi High Court

Rajasthan High Court Finds The Use Of 'BERATI' Prima Facie Infringement Of The Mark 'BAIRATHI'.

Time Limits Are Inviolable Under Indian Patent Regime

Permanent Injunction For Use Of Pirated Computer Softwares

Deemed Abandonment Under Scrutiny

India's New Privacy Regulations

Trademarks Law In India - Everything You Must Know

Local Working Requirement of a Patent in India

Patents Law In India - Everything You Must Know

Guide to De-Mystifying Law of Trade Mark Litigation in India

Jurisdiction Invalid When Invoked on Vague Allegation to Inconvenience the Defendant

AUM Registration Upheld to be Valid

AUM Registration Upheld to be Valid

Jurisdiction in Question in Deciding Dispute Involving 'DOLAREN' and 'BOLAREN'

Significance of Disclosure of all Material Facts: Gandhi Scientific v. Gulshan Kumar

Colgate- Anchor Ruling on Comparative Advertising Use of 'FIRST' and 'ONLY'

Bombay High Court Stays the Order Passed in Favour of Alcon Inc. and Alcon Laboratories (I) Pvt. Ltd

Injunction Refused to Gillette for Use of Champion

'Registration of Trademark During Pendency of the Suit for Passing Off is not Deterrent in Amending the Pleadings Later'

Confusion as a Ground for Trademark Infringement

Non- Registered User can be Entitled to Exercise Rights as a Registered Proprietor of Trademark: HC of Bombay

No Claim for Damage of Reputation in Case of Honest Concurrent Use

Indian Court Says No to Drug Patent Linkage

Essentials to Succeed in the Case of Passing Off Revisited in NIVEA Dispute

Ex-Parte Injunction on Jumbo Electric Vacated: No Infringement by Use

No Damages in Absence of Cogent Evidence: Infosys Awarded Costs

Factors Determining the Infringement of Trademark

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